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Yay I’m now in Aussieland

For some times I haven;t written something in my blog. I was totally busy with one month introductory course. Another reason is because I have a new website, it is on my google site, where I got my personal English-learning recorded.

Well June and July passed so quickly. I have been through the o-week time, and got lots of freebies :). I got pen, cap, coffee cup, notes, post it, and many things. I finally settled in (at least until next February) in this place. My home right now is near to my uni, a very quiet and peaceful area, though at night it is a bit scary, since the street is dark. But, I tried not to go out late at night, especially alone. The good thing about my UNI, it provides security escorts for students. So, I can always ask the security guard to accompany me walk home. Another good thing also which I have found, is the library. It is so modern, so comfy for students. They have rest, sleeping area, student lounge, even a pod to rest during afternoon. I like the library so much. Evenmore, you just have to swipe your wanted book to borrow or return. It is so simple, just by tapping your student ID and swipe the book.. voila the book is borrowed. Also, there are free stationery in the UNI, where students actually can donate their ‘no longer needed’ stuffs, and new students like me can get them easily. I got a book holder, trays, and also pen case from there. Cool right? So many new stuffs.

Place where I will study

I have been through some places in the past 1,5 months: Rose Bay, Royal Botanic Garden, Museum of Contemporary Art NSW, Manly, and the famous Bondi beach, of course with the beaches nearby, like Coogee Beach, Tamarama Beach, and Bronte Beach. I did that coastal walk today (will write more another time).

Many things I need to do before settling in for my phD life. Hope that I can manage it though (finger crossed).

Place where I live

My room sweet room

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Finally – First Time Joining Design Competition

Finally, my students joined a design competition, after such a hard persuasion. The competition was a design challenge for interior design of a social housing, to accommodate all activities in only 4×6 meter room, for a small family (parents and 2 children). The group consisted of 3 members: Yakub, Livy, and Shinta. They have worked for at least 2 or 3 months following the steps and procedures, just to reach the final selection. And yes, at last they got the 10th Position for this competition, among 60 other participants from other universities in Surabaya and Malang.

I am so proud of you all. Finally you can prove, as long as there is a big willingness, though with only limited time and resources, you will manage everything. This is a BIG step which perhaps other students may never pass, but you did. Keep up the spirit, and do not give up. There is a way, whenever there is a will.



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