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Day 05: Ubud, Tampak Siring, Kintamani

Continuing previous story, our fifth day in Bali are spent in Ubud, Pure Tirta Empul, and Lake of Mount Baturin Kintamani.  

Ubud is famous for its paddy terrace, monkey forest, and also art and crafts. We visited Pure Ubud and the famous place from Eat, Pray, Love movie, the Central Market Ubud. There are many local stuffs we can buy for souvenirs.

Ubud Central Market

Pura Tirta Empul is located in Tampak Siring. It is famous with water temples as a place for cleaning Balinese people from sins and evils. Many international tourists also follows this traditional thing.

Tampak Siring Palace

On the other hand, the Lake of Mount Batur is in a higher place. It is a cold place, with heavy wind, but the scenery is beautiful. You can see Mount BBaturin a great distance. Here also there is Trunyan village if you cross the lake. Too bad that the people in Trunyan is not as friendly as other people within Bali area. But you can see many are still practising the traditional ceremony. 

Lake Batur

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Day 04: Legian Beach and Streets, Kuta Square, and Waroeng Tanpoh

Day 04 is a walking day tour. We decided to just walking around the Legian shopping street, after peeping at Legian Beach. Legian Beach is next to Kuta Beach, within the same shorelines goes to North. During morning till noon hours there were few people only, since it will be hot sunny beach. 

Legian Beach

Legian Street is a shopping street area for fashion boutique, hotels, barclub, and massage places. It is where the Bali bomb memorial monument also located. Seeing the name of victims’list, you can imagine how the bomb devastated lives of many people. 

Bali bomb memorial

Kuta Square is a  famous place for shopping also, and the stores have many unique design. I found 1 store which has many windows for its facade.

Windows facade

The good thing for walking tour is that you are able to locate your position on the map exactly and find shortcuts. This helped us to find a nice place for our dinner, Waroeng tanpoh. It has a nice ambience, full of old stuff, and not expensive. Not many people knew this place since its location is in a narrow street.

Waroeng Tanpoh

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Day 2 Bali: GWK, Melasti Beach, Pandawa Beach, Jimbaran

Day 02 in Bali is almost full of beach exploring also culinary. First place to be visited was GWK (Garuda Wisnu Kencana). The ticket entrance to this place was quite expensive, IDR 70,000 per adult. However, this is quite word with how vast is the area, plus we got free entrance to Barong attraction and Garuda Cinema, the story behind Garuda and Wisnu.

From GWK, we continue to Melasti Beach and dropped by for lunch with Nasi campur Bali. Melasti beach is a secret beach, hidden between rocks and winding road. It is still a new beach and not so many people goes there.

Nasi campur Bali

While, another beach close by – Pandawa beach, is full crowd of people. Some were swimming, canoeing, walking by the white sand beach. I swim at the sea to release all problems I had in mind.

For the dinner, our family had it in Jimbaran, which is famous for its seafood, grilled fish, and magnificent night view of Jimbaran Beach with Bali airport in a distance.

Jimbaran Fine Dining

Package menu

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A walk on the beach

After sometimes, I think that my blog is more like a travel blog than educational blog. But, I guess my personal blog should tell my daily life and to me travelling brings happiness. This is why I love to tell my experience during my travel.

Last week, I went to Goa Cina Beach and Sendang Biru Beach in Southern Part of Malang. They are in the same direction, approximately 3-4 hours drive from Malang City. It was worth to travel there, since the Beaches was beautiful, especially Goa Cina Beach.

Sendang Biru Beach is mostly visited by people who want to go to Sempu Island or just fishing. Small boats and fish markets are available. There were boats at the port, ready to take people for fishing or just sailing around.


Sendang Biru

Goa Cina Beach is more fun to me. The coastline is long, like L-shape line, with white sand along the beach. It faces both east and west, thus we can see both sunrise and sunset from the beach. People are not allowed to swim, since waves in Goa Cina Beach is high and strong, but we can play with sands and take a small dip into water at the edges. This place is worth to visit, one of clean and beautiful beaches in Java Province, Indonesia.


Goa Cina Beach

And here I am, playing on the beach ☺


This is me


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KL trip 2015

Day 01 Family Holiday KL
Finally, it was time for our family’s second trip abroad.  This time we went to Malaysia. We got a very cheap low fares from Air Asia with only IDR 750000 round trip, plus IDR 200000 for airport tax, so total for the airfare was only less than USD 100 per person.

We took 12.10 flight (supposed to be 10.30, but was cancelled and moved later) and reached KLIA 2at 15.45 pm. The international airport in KLIA2 is huge and has a shopping mall inside. From the departure gate to reach the bus ticket counter, we took more less 1 hour. This is why there was a short reminder, to arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before the departure time. Trust me, you will walk like it has no end.

We took bus to KL Sentral, and it took around 1 hour.  The bus was going through highways in Malaysia. KL Sentral station was full of crowd, since it is the interchange for people going to and from Kuala Lumpur, using KTM Komuter, LRT, Rapid KL, and monorail.

Our hotel is in Bukit Bintang, a famous spot for tourists and shopping malls. It was good that I have booked the hotel, thus, from KL Sentral we went directly to Bukit Bintang using monorail. It was only a short walk from the station.

Alor Street, where our hotel was, is always full with food stalls and resto, especially by night. By the time we checked in at our hotel, it was already 19.30 pm. In KL, during this hour, it was still bright like 5 pm in Indonesia. We spent our first night just by walking along the famous Alor Street, trying the local foods.


Alor Street

Our itinerary for 7 days in Malaysia:
Day 01- arrival at KLIA2, Alor Street
Day 02- Genting highlands, Chin Swee Temple
Day 03- Back to KL, Petronas Twin Towers
Day 04- Batu Caves, Dataran Merdeka
Day 05- Central Market, Petaling Street, KL tower
Day 06- Botanical Garden
Day 07-BB Walk, departure from KL

Some tips for travelling in KL:
1. Search hotel either at Bukit Bintang or Chinatown. It is more fun to have some crowds when you went back to hotel, rather than quite and dark street area.
2. It is even better if the hotel provides you with drinking water and breakfast. Looking for tasty food is not easy if you are not familiar with the area.
3. Hotels in KL are not too expensive, so find hotel which is comfortable, with elevator, and near LRT or monorail station.
4. Use English instead of Bahasa Melayu, but do not be surprised if they do not understand both (English and Melayu).

Day 02 Genting Highlands
I decided to put Genting on second day, since we arrive late in the airport and it is inconvenience to carry heavy luggage to Genting. Thus we left our luggage at hotel after checking out, and departed to Genting.

We left around 8.30 in the morning after breakfast. The breakfasts are similar for 6 day- stays in Apple Hotel, the place where we stayed – Rice served with eggs and bihun.  The breakfast was served at the rooftop of the hotel at 7th floor.  Here is what we see every morning:


Everyday breakfast


Rooftop view

The bus ticket to Genting is available at the Basement of KL Sentral. We took 10.30 am bus, and arrived at Genting by 11.30, and transferred with Skyway (cable car) for 15 mins, and reached the peak of Genting at 12.00.

Our hotel was First World Hotel, the famous hotel with 6,118 rooms. Imagine that! The hotel is connected with First World Plaza, casino and indoor theme park, which are always full of people. You have to check in using check in kiosk machine. So tips for Genting trip: make sure you have booked and paid your hotel especially if you are staying in First World Hotel. Otherwise, you have to wait for a long queue.


Indoor theme park

We got 23rd floor room, with a view to hills outside. Amazing, how could men built big hotels in the peak of highlands.


View from hotel room in Genting

After lunch, we took free shuttle bus service from our hotel to Chin Swee Temple. It was built after the successful of Genting Casino. Nice view and interesting to take pictures of the temples there.
We spent around 3 hours to surround the place. I, myself, climbed to the top level of Chin Swee Pagoda (9th level). Tired, but I got magnificent view from top.


Chin Swee Temple

Day 03 – Back to KL and watch Petronas
We went back to KL and straightly went to hotel, before continuing our trip to KLCC- the Twin Towers.  Too bad, it was raining during afternoon, though the rain stopped, the sky was cloudy.
The Petronas towers are so high, that we could not even see the top from near. Since it was very expensive, 84 RM just for 40 minutes, my sister and I decided not to go up, and spend times in KLCC park instead for taking pictures.


KLCC park


Petronas at night

There was one Indonesian food tenant  in Suria KLCC foodcourt, and it was nice to taste after 3 days in KL.

Day 04 – Batu Caves and Dataran Merdeka
I was not sure that I am able to climb 272 stairs in Batu Caves, but after succeed to go up at the Chin Swee Pagoda, I am sure. Finally, my sister and I reached the top and see inside the Caves.


After Batu Caves, we returned back to KL and continued our trip to Dataran Merdeka. We visited Kuala Lumpur City Gallery. I have to appraise the City’s Government for making this museum very interesting, with old and new KL. Even, the souvenir shop was great.


It was fortunate to us, that we visited Dataran Merdeka on Sunday. The streets surrounds it are closed from 6 pm onwards. Thus, I could take full capture of the famous building Facade — The Sultan Abdul Samad Building.


Dataran Merdeka

Day 05 – Shopping Day in Central Market and Petaling
I put our 5th day for shopping purpose. The place for shopping in KL is Central Market and Petaling Street, the Chinatown of KL. Here you can buy souvenirs, chocolates, and many branded bags (KW).


Petaling Street

After shopping, we went to see KL tower, the tower which is located in Bukit Nanas, and shaped like pineapple.


KL tower

Day 06 – A Walk in Botanical Garden
Botanical Garden in KL offered greenery view, lungs of the city.  It was too bad that signages or directions to go to the Garden were very view.  It is located near National Mosque, from there you will find the way.


National Mosque

Tips for visitors who want to go to Botanical Garden, use taxi instead of public LRT or bus. It is much more convenient and faster. We have to drop our itinerary to go to I-City at night since we were too tired roaming around the large Garden. But, overall it was a nice visit, to have lunch and watch the park inside.


Lake garden


Super tree canopy

Day 07 – Morning walk at BB and heading back to Surabaya
During our last day, my sister and I took a short walk to the famous Bukit Bintang Walk. Lot 10, Starhill gallery, and Pavillion were on our way. It was a nice morning walk. If we continued to walk, there was a pedestrian bridge connection to KLCC. It was not too far, but for those who are not used to walk, it seems far.


Starhill gallery


Connection to KLCC

We went back by free Go KL bus to hotel, and packed our stuffs, and directly went to KL Sentral for going back to the airport. We use bus again, since it is cheaper than using KL express.

Tips for reaching the airport: Make sure you reach the airport at least 3 hours before your departure. The airport is huge and it has a long wayyyy before you reach the boarding gate. In our case, we walk for one hour from check in counter into the boarding gate, and did not stop at all.


Airport duty free

So, that’s all about my family holiday story in Malaysia. Thanks to God who made this possible, through available time, power, and budget. Travel to places you have never been, for life is not meant to be spent in one place only.

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Amazing Toraja

For this year’s trip, my sister and I had planned a vacation in Makassar. We planned this in last year, and thanks to God we finally made it.

At first we were planning only to visit Makassar and its nearby area, with Bantimurung National Park as the furthest point. But all out of sudden, our friend in Makassar offered us a trip to Toraja, the most famous place to visit besides Bunaken in Sulawesi.

It was a very long journey from Makassar to Toraja. We took approximately 7 hours to reach our hotel in the mid of the dark. We left Makassar around 9, and reached Toraja around 4 am. Our hotel was nice and cheap, taking into account that the place is Toraja, the most visited place for foreigners. We only have to pay for nights, but the fact we stayed there for 2 nights, considering the fact we arrived early in the morning.

And… here is what we discovered in Toraja: Another local genius.. I meant really-really genius. The local people still holds firm the local tradition. The traditional houses Tongkonan are preserved in some of traditional villages. The most renowned of these villages is Kete Kesu, located in Rante Pao, the heart of Toraja.

Kete Kesu

Kete Kesu


Kete Kesu comprised of a line of traditional house together with its rice barn (place to keep rice for the family who lived in the house). The roof shape is a concave arc, symbolizes human’s life which should rise up and highly oriented. There are buffalo’s horns hanged up outside the houses. The horn came from the offerings when one of the family members died. In front of the houses are the rice barns, function as a sitting place where the family can welcome their guests).

Buffalos horns

The Buffalo’s horns

Kete Kesu2

The rice barns

Another place which we visited is Londa, not very far from Rante Pao’s city center. Londa is a cemetery place belongs to one clan in Toraja. It has a big rock and cave, where people place the human corpses in between its rock. Not so spine-chilling if we only reached the small distance from mouth of the cave. However, it is very dark inside. Thus we used local guide to provide us lighting.

Gate to Londa


Londa from distance

Those are the two interesting places we can visit in Toraja, since our itinerary were so pack. What I can tell about is just simply one word: AMAZING. Never expect that I can be a witness for this local culture, and never truly believe that I was there.

Rante Pao

Rante Pao

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