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Students work in Architectural Design

Last semester I taught Architectural design, Housing and Settlement, and also supervised some final projects. I am quite satisfied with the students results, especially in Architectural Design. In last semester, the project was cafe house, a 3-storey building, with cafe at ground floor, and living area in 1st and 2nd floor. My students came up with different concepts and idea. Some with green design principle, others with modern tropical concept.

Have a look at the results, enjoy !

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Here is my new paper for International Seminar on Partnership for Sustainable Housing and Urban Development, will be held this week (15-16 October 2015) in Mercure Grand Mirama Hotel Surabaya. The Seminar is arranged by Regional Center for Community Empowerment on Housing and Urban Development and Research Institute for Housing and Human Settlements, Ministry of Public Works and Housing, Indonesia.

ABSTRACT: Pedestrian way is one important element in urban planning. It builds spatial network which interconnect spaces in the city. The pedestrian path has important roles which support green open space network. Network of pedestrian ways are in some cases abandoned and disregard its importance as compared to other open space determined as public space or plaza. In many cities of developing countries, pedestrian way is also malfunctioned as parking space, selling area, not even people-friendly at all. From several case studies of people friendly pedestrian in cities, this study would like to identify roles of pedestrian way in building character of city image. To sustain, the character of people friendly-pedestrian has to be included when planning pedestrian as connecting space network in the city. The results are important to give recommendations of how to implement people friendly pedestrian which serves its function, but is also convenient and builds character of the city image.

KEYWORDS: Pedestrian, network, open space, people-friendly, city image

AUTHORS: Shirleyana and Astri Anindya Sari (2015)

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The Famous Majapahit Hotel

Almost last two weeks there was a public holiday. In all of a sudden, I happened to have a chance to visit the famous Majapahit Hotel. This hotel is originally built in 1910, and had changed name from Oranje Hotel, Yamato Hotel and to Majapahit Hotel at the last.

The hotel is located on Tunjungan Street, Surabaya, a street which used to be known as shopping street. The hotel is the place where Indonesian heroes tore down blue color at the Dutch Flag to claim back Indonesian Independence.

Majapahit from above - Google Earth image

Majapahit from above – Google Earth image

What interesting about this hotel is its outdoor space. The hotel orientation to its inner garden, function as a patio, a view and a way to breath to the architecture itself. The column repetition made the hallway looks long and has no end. Its art deco architecture style is reflected in each of the detail, from exterior to interior of the building. It can be seen in the detail of column, fence, railing, and the building façade. The classical arrangement also can be noticed in the symmetrical plan of the building.

The architecture which is not just a sculpture, but architecture that fits to the environment, thus sustains through ages.

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