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Read and Write

After more than 3 months here, I think I am quite settled down, doing what I need to do. People might think that studying here in Australia, my job would be easy. They may thought from my IG account that I am having so much fun here. Yes, it’s true. I want to study well, but I also want to make the most of my time here in Sydney. So, I don’t want to be bothered with my PhD life and get suffered. I spend most of my weekends enjoying my life. Even just by walking 20 minutes to go to church, smelling fresh air, looking at flowers on my way, I’ m happy enough.

I know that a PhD student should read and write down his or her thoughts, but I never expect that it would be this hard. Everyday what I do is, listing what I have to do, read probably 2 or sometimes 3 to 4 journal article or even a book. I can read fast, but my problem is I also forget it fast. Therefore, I need to write and take notes, at least to know that I have read.. and if I forget anything about the book or journal, I just read my notes.


This is my desk look like when I am busy at my PhD office

Well.. to those who want to know about my PhD life… it is not easy at all. I am overwhelmed with books and all my reading materials, but I tried to make it as normal to a PhD student. I hope to be able to always making a progress every week in my research. But still… can’t ever resist going out and roaming around as I want to travel more and more.. and want to balance my life 🙂

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Yay I’m now in Aussieland

For some times I haven;t written something in my blog. I was totally busy with one month introductory course. Another reason is because I have a new website, it is on my google site, where I got my personal English-learning recorded.

Well June and July passed so quickly. I have been through the o-week time, and got lots of freebies :). I got pen, cap, coffee cup, notes, post it, and many things. I finally settled in (at least until next February) in this place. My home right now is near to my uni, a very quiet and peaceful area, though at night it is a bit scary, since the street is dark. But, I tried not to go out late at night, especially alone. The good thing about my UNI, it provides security escorts for students. So, I can always ask the security guard to accompany me walk home. Another good thing also which I have found, is the library. It is so modern, so comfy for students. They have rest, sleeping area, student lounge, even a pod to rest during afternoon. I like the library so much. Evenmore, you just have to swipe your wanted book to borrow or return. It is so simple, just by tapping your student ID and swipe the book.. voila the book is borrowed. Also, there are free stationery in the UNI, where students actually can donate their ‘no longer needed’ stuffs, and new students like me can get them easily. I got a book holder, trays, and also pen case from there. Cool right? So many new stuffs.

Place where I will study

I have been through some places in the past 1,5 months: Rose Bay, Royal Botanic Garden, Museum of Contemporary Art NSW, Manly, and the famous Bondi beach, of course with the beaches nearby, like Coogee Beach, Tamarama Beach, and Bronte Beach. I did that coastal walk today (will write more another time).

Many things I need to do before settling in for my phD life. Hope that I can manage it though (finger crossed).

Place where I live

My room sweet room

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Keep calm and enjoy study in Bali – Day 01

Finally, this year, my students had another excursion. This time we went to Bali, island of paradise in Indonesia. The study tour or the excursion was held from 4-8 May, but the real tour only took 3 days. The rest was the time needed for transportation using bus.

The first place we visit is Panglipuran Village. It is a preserved village for tourism. The village is maintained for its local houses, daily activities, spiritual ceremony, etc. It has been developed as tourism place since 2012. You can feel the spirit of the place, just by looking the surrounding, the smell of offerings, and the silence.


Panglipuran Village


Traditional bali house


Architectural students Uwika in Panglipuran

On day 01, the study also visited Taman Nusa. It is a place to see all models of traditional houses of Indonesia. Indonesia which comprises of more than 17,000 islands has 34 provinces. Each province has its own traditional houses.


Inside Taman Nusa, we can also see beautiful view of rice fields and terraces. Also, there are historical story of Indonesia. What we found which seemed to be funny was the replica of Borobudur. The real Borobudur is in Yogyakarta. Of course, the size was smaller, and the feeling to see it was different.


Rice field terraces


Borobudur model

Here are some of the traditional houses available:
1. Honai, traditonal house of Papua


2. Dalam Loka Sumawa, traditional house of Sasak, Nusa Tenggara Barat.


3. Traditional house of Sulawesi Tengah


And many more..

Overall, me and my students gained new knowledge about genius loci. It is our local culture who brought the spirit and richness of a place. The culture and tradition which are out of our concerns, need to be preserved. Local materials and characters will build local genius and give values to what we have in our built environment.


Wayang golek inside museum in Taman Nusa

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A Visit to SMK Muhammadiyah 2 Surabaya

foto acara SMKM 2

Yesterday my campus visited SMK Muhammadiyah 2. The location is quite far from the city center. It is in Kemlaten, Mastrip, in the peri-urban area of Surabaya. The purpose of the visit was to introduce our campus to the high school students there. The students were gathered together in a big classroom, and they were waiting for us. There was a black out during that time, but that didn’t hinder us to give the necessary information. It turned out to be a good thing, since we could not use LCD, laptop, and projector, thus it was just like sharing ideas and information between us and the students.

The thing that interesting to me was seeing the faces of them. I could see many types of expressions. Some were so curious and serious; some others were bored, tired, and exhausted. I could also see some smiles from girl students which I met before in the paper craft making competition. They were even smiling so proud when we called them again yesterday as the winner for the competition.

All of them showed their eagerness to continue to higher education, some also showed their interest in Architecture. Financial thing could be main problems to most of them to continue their study. We suggested them to look out for available scholarship. Hopefully, all of them would fight for education, though perhaps they could not foresee what education would bring to their life in future. My suggestion to all of you who are high school students: Put your dreams as high as you can and do all possible things you can do to reach them. Dreams are too precious to be kept by you alone.  Remember that you can make your parents and your family proud of you later in the end after all of your efforts.  Believe and just do it !

smiling faces


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