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Lively Riverfront Space for Community: Challenges for Kali Mas River Redevelopment Plan of Surabaya

My second published paper, presented in 1st Planocosmo International Conference, ITB Bandung-Indonesia, 8 Oktober 2012.

Authors: Shirleyana and Astri Anindya Sari


One of natural potential and assets for a city is river area. Its existence could stimulate the quality of life of a city. Many big cities in Indonesia are located in riverside areas, include Surabaya. The roles of river in Surabaya for community have been evolved throughout times, from transportation support into public space. This demonstrated the significance of river to urban development in Surabaya. Realizing its potentials, the Local Government of Surabaya has prepared the Kalimas River Redevelopment Plan as one strategy in Surabaya Vision Plan 2005-2025.

The Kalimas River Redevelopment Plan is designed to revitalize and to bring forth the lively riverside area. Some parts along the river have been transformed to serve as a community public space. However, the lively public space in riverfront could not take place.

Learning from the several case studies of lively riverfront development, this paper attempts to study how to optimize and implement the river redevelopment and create lively and attractive riverfront zone for community who longs for a place for interaction.

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