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Almost time for Aussie Land

Gosh.. time flies and it’s been almost one semester after my PDT training finished. This means my deferral period has ended and time for me to prepare everything for my departure. I am nervous, tensed and a bit worried of everything.

I received my visa on May 9th, and my ticket on May 12th from the Australia Awards office, exactly one month prior my departure date. At first, I did not worry too much about accommodation, but it turns out to be hard not as I expected.

My proposed campus provides temporary accommodation but with a very high price (ca 450-550 AUD). I had to change plan and search for a temporary accommodation myself. I used some references, like realestate, domain, even Facebook group, and also the students group. Lucky me to have friends there who I can ask with. Headache, searching for a place from internet was not that easy.  I hope to be able to find a place to settle down soon. I imagine carrying my heavy luggage and having to move from one place to another can be stressful. I wish I find suitable one soon.. please SYD be easy on me.

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Architectural Design by my students

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After so much writing about my travel, now it is my turn to write back into my campus life. These are works of my students during  the last semester in 2012. I wish that the results could be better, but as of now this is the best that they can do. I understand that most of my students were busy involved in the university activities, such as preparing for photographic and sketch exhibition, etc. Though not all of them were involved, but the activities at campus did not support academic activities in class.

For next semester, I hope that all of the students will learn much more and can do better than they did at this semester. For all of you who had participated in the class, the assistants, the students, thank you 🙂


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