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Saturday School Story

Can’t hold to write about my Saturday school which is going to be closed. I never thought that I would be this sad. Sadness, imagining how is my little students’ reactions when they know that they will no longer have Saturday activities with their teacher anymore. Sadness, because I probably never see them anymore. Who knows about their future. Some of them are unfortunate children, who have no parents to take care of them, some again have parents separated  from them. I am longing to give care to those children, happy to see their happy faces and smile. 

I started to teach this Saturday Bible school since 2010, after I finished my master’s study. Never thought that I will end up as a Sunday School teacher, since I never teached before. I tried to learn to speak in front of little children, tried not to be nervous. Those kids are so smart, I think smarter than the old generation. 

Children grow up so fast. Some of them have left, because they are no longer kids. Some are still growing older. Many things have happened. We did various kind of activities, making art and handcrafts, singing, playing, listen carefully to bible stories. All at the same time.

By the end of this month, this Saturday school will be officially closed. I have to say goodbye to my little children. I can’t believe that this happens before I leave to Aussie Land. I tried to give my best, but I know God knows the best for those little children. Because Jesus loves the little children.. all the children of the world. So long Lil Children, auf wiedersehen.

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