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Read and Write

After more than 3 months here, I think I am quite settled down, doing what I need to do. People might think that studying here in Australia, my job would be easy. They may thought from my IG account that I am having so much fun here. Yes, it’s true. I want to study well, but I also want to make the most of my time here in Sydney. So, I don’t want to be bothered with my PhD life and get suffered. I spend most of my weekends enjoying my life. Even just by walking 20 minutes to go to church, smelling fresh air, looking at flowers on my way, I’ m happy enough.

I know that a PhD student should read and write down his or her thoughts, but I never expect that it would be this hard. Everyday what I do is, listing what I have to do, read probably 2 or sometimes 3 to 4 journal article or even a book. I can read fast, but my problem is I also forget it fast. Therefore, I need to write and take notes, at least to know that I have read.. and if I forget anything about the book or journal, I just read my notes.


This is my desk look like when I am busy at my PhD office

Well.. to those who want to know about my PhD life… it is not easy at all. I am overwhelmed with books and all my reading materials, but I tried to make it as normal to a PhD student. I hope to be able to always making a progress every week in my research. But still… can’t ever resist going out and roaming around as I want to travel more and more.. and want to balance my life 🙂

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Reflections at end of the year

This 2015 has brought many things to me.
In my lecturer position, being a Senate Secretary, being a Head of Department, Architecture batch 2011 graduation.
In my Sunday School, gaining new teachers, Sunday School retreat, Teachers retreat, involving in Christmas and Easter celebration.
In my travel diaries, travelling to Jakarta, Bali, Kuala Lumpur, Genting, Koeln, Bonn, Antwerpen, and Brussels. The new places for this year are Antwerpen and Brussels.
In my architectural practice, new project for Church.
All are great things I expected from God and I attempted for God. Praise the Lord!

Happy New Year 2016. May this following year brings love and happiness to all of us.


The Great Koelner Dom

PS. Since I didn’t make it to do live sketching in front of KoelnerDom, I tried my best to do it in front of my laptop before this year pass.

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The Famous Majapahit Hotel

Almost last two weeks there was a public holiday. In all of a sudden, I happened to have a chance to visit the famous Majapahit Hotel. This hotel is originally built in 1910, and had changed name from Oranje Hotel, Yamato Hotel and to Majapahit Hotel at the last.

The hotel is located on Tunjungan Street, Surabaya, a street which used to be known as shopping street. The hotel is the place where Indonesian heroes tore down blue color at the Dutch Flag to claim back Indonesian Independence.

Majapahit from above - Google Earth image

Majapahit from above – Google Earth image

What interesting about this hotel is its outdoor space. The hotel orientation to its inner garden, function as a patio, a view and a way to breath to the architecture itself. The column repetition made the hallway looks long and has no end. Its art deco architecture style is reflected in each of the detail, from exterior to interior of the building. It can be seen in the detail of column, fence, railing, and the building façade. The classical arrangement also can be noticed in the symmetrical plan of the building.

The architecture which is not just a sculpture, but architecture that fits to the environment, thus sustains through ages.

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Happy New Year 2015

I guess it is better a bit late than never at all. I wanna wish my followers a very blissful new year. May this year bring you all a new hope, a new life, a new beginning for all of what are you doing right now: business, study plan, etc. Last year was totally busy for me, so many plan didn’t work out. However, last year I managed to travel to Mount Bromo, Bali and Makassar, even twice in Makassar ^-^. I wish this year I will travel more (fingercrossed) and hope that my plan to keep studying languages work better than last year. I managed to finish reading bible last year for the new testament, yeayy..
I will try my best to keep my page updated, just for not dissapointing my readers.
To everyone, do whatever you have to do now. You might not have any chance later, and later often becomes never, that’s what i read just now. Finally, just put your trust on the Lord, for He knows the thoughts that He thinks toward us, thoughts of peace and not evil, to give us a future and a hope..  jeremiah 29:11.


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Hope in little despair

How to get started when you are so confused of what to do…
People say getting ahead is getting started. Once you made the decisions, you ‘ll find that those are not the end of everything.
Just like these flowers, float still on the water, frame your reflection, so nice and tender.


Flowers floating

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Makassar – place with islands and local culinary

Boring while waiting for students, I decided to write something about Makassar.
Makassar, one of big cities in Indonesia has many to offer to visitors. Most famous thing is culinary tour. Local food is delicious, can be easily accepted by all tasters.
Here are some food I have tasted while I was there:
1. Coto Makassar, thick yellow soup, with lontong (rice inside leaf)


Coto Makasar

2. Pangsit Noodle with chicken


Pangsit mie UP

3. Fried rice, served with lemon and soy sauce. Lemon is always available in all restaurants in Makassar.


Fried rice and fried noodle

4. Sop Saudara, thick soup similar with coto makassar, but use milk instead of coconut juice.


Sop Saudara

5. Es pisang ijo (green banana ice), a banana is hidden inside the green piece made of flour. Very tasty and recomended to try.


Es pisang ijo

6. Kedondong juice, a bit sour but also nice to try.


Kedondong juice

Another interesting thing we can do in Makassar is island hopping. The city is surrounded by islands. One of them is Pulau Kahyangan (literally means: island of heaven). Unfortunately, the island is not well managed and maintained, though it has lots of tourism potential.


Pulau Kahyangan


Pulau Kahyangan from other side

If outdoor toors do not satisfy the travelers, then Makassar has one big indoor theme park – Trans Studio.


Trans Studio

Overall, my trip to Makassar was fun, lots of eating and sun burning while island hopping. Would like to visit again in some other time.


Pantai Losari - Makassar


Taking picture in front of Fort Rotterdam

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Mommy’s kolokee



This is my mom’s specialty. During fasting for passover, my mom made this for us, since this is my sister’s favourites menu.

Kolokee is a kind of fried food of chicken. The recipee is very simple to make. Here is the steps of how to prepare delicious kolokee:

1. Chop chicken breast into small pieces
2. Put egg, oyster sauce, soy sauce, salt, pepper, and sesame oil into the chicken.
3. Add flour until the chicken can be molded.
4. Fried until it turns into golden and crispy chicken.
5. Rinse and serve while it is hot. It is better to serve with sweet and sour sauce and eat with rice.


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