Happy is when I see my students happy

19 Jul

In early of July, my second generation students (2011 batch) had their final projects defense. All of them passed the defense, and now they are ‘officially’ architect.
I still remember the first day I taught their batch, there were 20 of them. Unfortunately, some of them did not continue the study, some were still in 7th semester, and one is having difficulty with my subject: Architectural Design Studio 3. Thus, only 10 students attended the defense this month.


Architecture Uwika Students 2011 batch presenting their projects

During this holiday, I pondered into how teacher or I would say as lecturer can influence students a lot. It must be not a coincidence that God has put me into teacher and lecturer. I think by being a lecturer, it means more than just lecturing in class or studio. Lecturers or teachers should also be parents, friends, brothers and sisters to students (lessons learned from “Teacher’s Diary”), which means, when your students are success, you also have their success. When they are happy, you will receive your happiness more than you can imagine.
I think that not any students want to fail any classes. I do understand that they want to pass every exam, but still they need to put effort on it. My duty is how to make my students put their utmost effort, with their whole passion to achieve something they could not see now until they reach the future.

To all my students, keep your courage and endurance. University is just a probation period. The real world outside is waiting. As for me, I definitely want to see you all graduate.


Congratulations to you all students

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