Keep calm and enjoy study in Bali – Day 01

14 May

Finally, this year, my students had another excursion. This time we went to Bali, island of paradise in Indonesia. The study tour or the excursion was held from 4-8 May, but the real tour only took 3 days. The rest was the time needed for transportation using bus.

The first place we visit is Panglipuran Village. It is a preserved village for tourism. The village is maintained for its local houses, daily activities, spiritual ceremony, etc. It has been developed as tourism place since 2012. You can feel the spirit of the place, just by looking the surrounding, the smell of offerings, and the silence.


Panglipuran Village


Traditional bali house


Architectural students Uwika in Panglipuran

On day 01, the study also visited Taman Nusa. It is a place to see all models of traditional houses of Indonesia. Indonesia which comprises of more than 17,000 islands has 34 provinces. Each province has its own traditional houses.


Inside Taman Nusa, we can also see beautiful view of rice fields and terraces. Also, there are historical story of Indonesia. What we found which seemed to be funny was the replica of Borobudur. The real Borobudur is in Yogyakarta. Of course, the size was smaller, and the feeling to see it was different.


Rice field terraces


Borobudur model

Here are some of the traditional houses available:
1. Honai, traditonal house of Papua


2. Dalam Loka Sumawa, traditional house of Sasak, Nusa Tenggara Barat.


3. Traditional house of Sulawesi Tengah


And many more..

Overall, me and my students gained new knowledge about genius loci. It is our local culture who brought the spirit and richness of a place. The culture and tradition which are out of our concerns, need to be preserved. Local materials and characters will build local genius and give values to what we have in our built environment.


Wayang golek inside museum in Taman Nusa

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