Stories behind last social action internship

12 Feb

Last week I just came from a 3 days 2 nights activities in a remote area called Sugeng Village in Trawas, Mojokerto. All of university students who have already applied for that pprogram are obliged to apply their knowledge, to bring improvement to the way people live, thus in the end, improve their quality of live. As a lecturer, I was assigned to supervise the students mostly from Chinese Language Department in my university. We had a teaching program for kids in elementary and playground levels.

The village is about 3 km from main street. It has a beautiful scenic vista view of a mountain, a river, and a valley. All are beautiful, wonderfully set by God. The residents were mostly labours from nearby factory. Schools available are only elementary schools and kindergarten. For higher level of education, they have to go further outside their village.


Entry and exit road to the village


A vista to mountain


River Stream of Sugeng Village


River stream in the opposite direction

The children were taught by my university’s students for 3 days. There were 2 groups for the elementary school. One taught English, and the rest taught Chinese. The students practised their skills in teaching. Basic greetings, numbers, and colors were given to them. In my opinion, little children can learn much more easier than adults. And true, when they were given quizes and questions, some of them were really good.


Students together at school yard


Working groups students

My reflection from this place, from the humbleness of people, I learned about live simple. Live with only nature surrounds you. Nice to breath the fresh air, eat from your own crop productions, with your cattles and pets. This is so lovely for old days. I hope that this people can maintain their village and neighborhoods. Technology came in should be used to make life easier, that’s why people need to be aware. Otherwise, such technology would only be a big disaster for their future generations.


Motivation board at school

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