Night market in Lamongan

26 Jun

This week, some university friends asked me to join them for giving training to teachers in conducting research in class. We were asked to do this in Ma’arif 7 Banjarwati, Paciran Lamongan. In the same time, there was a night market, while people also came to visit the cemetery of Sunan Drajat. This venue is held annually. This was interesting to me, since it reminded me of my childhood, and made me compare this with for example Weihnachtsmarkt in Germany.


Lamongan night market

Lots of food vendors were available along the street. Only pedestrians were allowed to walk while the night market was held. Many pop ice drink vendors could be seen inside the area.


Martabak - food vendor


Fried snacks -food vendors


Spiral potatoes


Big meatballs


Pop ice drinks

Local people also sold some products like kids toys, clothes, dolls, clocks, accessories, even shoes or flip flops and cheap perfumes.


Plastic flowers looked so real


Barbie dolls


Boats for children

There were also carousel and windmollen as these are the trademarks and symbols of night market in Indonesia.


Carousel - simple merry go round



Some antique cars were displayed. In fact, the cars were belong to the first president of Indonesia, Soekarno.


Antique car


Car of Soekarno

Local foods and drinks offered were unique, and hardly found in big cities now. People were happy. They went with family or friends just to eat, drink, or watch live music for free. The one who brought their kids usually took them to play the carousel, fishing, or just walking around.


Cotton candy vendor


Kerak telor

So glad that I could take this opportunity to watch this. Something rare to see in my city now. How long will this culture last? Something to ponder for us.

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