Selamat Pagi Indonesia

23 Jun

Today was so much fun. All of university lecturers and employees went out of town to Kampong Success in Batu, East Java. The place consists of three parts: kampong kids, kampong teenagers, and kampong success.


Kampong Success

The place is well managed by ex high school students of Selamat Pagi Indonesia. They are trained well to serve the guests and to held events and games. They even sell their own products as merchandise and gifts.


Windmill flowers

The place was nice, surrounded by mountain, paddy fields, parks full of flowers or usefull veggies.


Flowers in pots


Purple flowers field

We had some games: make the longest line, shoot and fire with watergun, walk on bamboo line, collecting pieces of leaves, rocks, ants, garbage, even ants, moving water into another container and flying fox.
Today, the vice of the school made a motivational speech. If you want your life to be remarkable, then use your time remarkably as if compared to others life. This was good, make me pondering about my own life.


The university team

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