Makassar – place with islands and local culinary

13 Jun

Boring while waiting for students, I decided to write something about Makassar.
Makassar, one of big cities in Indonesia has many to offer to visitors. Most famous thing is culinary tour. Local food is delicious, can be easily accepted by all tasters.
Here are some food I have tasted while I was there:
1. Coto Makassar, thick yellow soup, with lontong (rice inside leaf)


Coto Makasar

2. Pangsit Noodle with chicken


Pangsit mie UP

3. Fried rice, served with lemon and soy sauce. Lemon is always available in all restaurants in Makassar.


Fried rice and fried noodle

4. Sop Saudara, thick soup similar with coto makassar, but use milk instead of coconut juice.


Sop Saudara

5. Es pisang ijo (green banana ice), a banana is hidden inside the green piece made of flour. Very tasty and recomended to try.


Es pisang ijo

6. Kedondong juice, a bit sour but also nice to try.


Kedondong juice

Another interesting thing we can do in Makassar is island hopping. The city is surrounded by islands. One of them is Pulau Kahyangan (literally means: island of heaven). Unfortunately, the island is not well managed and maintained, though it has lots of tourism potential.


Pulau Kahyangan


Pulau Kahyangan from other side

If outdoor toors do not satisfy the travelers, then Makassar has one big indoor theme park – Trans Studio.


Trans Studio

Overall, my trip to Makassar was fun, lots of eating and sun burning while island hopping. Would like to visit again in some other time.


Pantai Losari - Makassar


Taking picture in front of Fort Rotterdam

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