Amazing Toraja

22 May

For this year’s trip, my sister and I had planned a vacation in Makassar. We planned this in last year, and thanks to God we finally made it.

At first we were planning only to visit Makassar and its nearby area, with Bantimurung National Park as the furthest point. But all out of sudden, our friend in Makassar offered us a trip to Toraja, the most famous place to visit besides Bunaken in Sulawesi.

It was a very long journey from Makassar to Toraja. We took approximately 7 hours to reach our hotel in the mid of the dark. We left Makassar around 9, and reached Toraja around 4 am. Our hotel was nice and cheap, taking into account that the place is Toraja, the most visited place for foreigners. We only have to pay for nights, but the fact we stayed there for 2 nights, considering the fact we arrived early in the morning.

And… here is what we discovered in Toraja: Another local genius.. I meant really-really genius. The local people still holds firm the local tradition. The traditional houses Tongkonan are preserved in some of traditional villages. The most renowned of these villages is Kete Kesu, located in Rante Pao, the heart of Toraja.

Kete Kesu

Kete Kesu


Kete Kesu comprised of a line of traditional house together with its rice barn (place to keep rice for the family who lived in the house). The roof shape is a concave arc, symbolizes human’s life which should rise up and highly oriented. There are buffalo’s horns hanged up outside the houses. The horn came from the offerings when one of the family members died. In front of the houses are the rice barns, function as a sitting place where the family can welcome their guests).

Buffalos horns

The Buffalo’s horns

Kete Kesu2

The rice barns

Another place which we visited is Londa, not very far from Rante Pao’s city center. Londa is a cemetery place belongs to one clan in Toraja. It has a big rock and cave, where people place the human corpses in between its rock. Not so spine-chilling if we only reached the small distance from mouth of the cave. However, it is very dark inside. Thus we used local guide to provide us lighting.

Gate to Londa


Londa from distance

Those are the two interesting places we can visit in Toraja, since our itinerary were so pack. What I can tell about is just simply one word: AMAZING. Never expect that I can be a witness for this local culture, and never truly believe that I was there.

Rante Pao

Rante Pao

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