New coins

15 Apr

Today I received some new coins. The coins were from Suriname. Mrs. Ririn Dina, my ‘mother’ in architecture department brought them for me. It made me excited to collect more and more coins.


Suriname coins

Besides Suriname’s coins, she brought also european coins from the change which she received in Schipol – Netherland airport, and the coins reminded me of Germany 🙂 because some of them had The Brandenburg Gate, Berlin picture at the back.


Euro coins

Couple of months before, my friend in Singapore had sent me some coins which I had asked, to complete my 2013 new series of singapore coins collection. And yes, finally my SG’s coins are complete. Looking forward to get more new coins, even from places I have never been. I will need to buy coins album later, since my coins are getting many. And these are the SG coins on the top of its brochure from one of  Singapore museums in China Town.


Singapore 2013 coins

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