My beloved buddy

11 Apr

My dog died on tuesday evening. I was not ready at that time. It was true that he had been sick for several days. Two weeks before, I brought him to animal hospital, since he lost his lust to eat.
But that did not bring much improvement. He got tumor, and this had worsened his condition.

He spent only one week at hospital. Few days before he died, he ate a lot, just like his normal habbit. But exactly on the day he was going to leave us, his family, he did not want to eat neither drink anything. He was just hidding from everyone.

It was a sad day to the whole family.
I will not describe more in detail. Just want to share.. And this is from  something I read this morning: “This is the different between tears and smile. You will smile for all people surround you who made you happy, but you will only shed tears for your loved ones..” including your dog.

Here is his pictures.. My beloved Buddy


Buddy and buddy and buddy

And this is my last photo of him. Two weeks before the D Date.


My beloved

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