Saturday Students

07 Jul

Here is what my activities look like every Saturday: singing, teaching, and telling bible stories for children in Kindergarten and Elementary School. All brings out another excitement in every new lesson, but the most fun part is the kids’ activities. This time, after several months, my students finally finished their projects on making Scrapbook Photo album.

Busy with decorating scrappbook album

Busy with decorating scrapbook album

Teacher busy helping lil students

Teacher busy helping lil students

Charlie and Ms Nancy

Charlie and Ms Nancy

To make this, you just simply follow these steps:

1. Collect an old calendar.

2. Cover the paper inside the calendar with colored paper.

3. Décor inside the colored paper with stickers, ribbons, or personalized cut out paper.

4. Attach your pictures.

5. Put title for every pictures, and don’t forget to give names in front of your album.

And these are how they look like, little students with their artworks 🙂

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