Happy Mother’s Day

13 May

Happy Mother's Day

Through my page, I would like to wish all mothers in the world: Happy Mother’s Day. If until today we still have our mother by our sides, then we should be thankful. Thankful because she will always be there for you, everyday asking what you need, asking what you want, provide you without being asked, and always wait for you.

Today, I was reminded about a good mother. A good mother will always know her children very well. She will recognize you from the time you were just a baby among other babies. She knows everything about you. She knows what food you like or you don’t like. She knows your favorite. She knows what your dream. She knows your characters. A good mother is also willing to sacrifice everything for her children. She will cook your favorite dishes. Even if she were tired, she will do what you asked for. When you went for hang out with friends, she will wait for you till night. A good mother will guide her children to a better future. She will not force your to do what you do not want. She will be patient, even when fathers usually don’t. And lastly, a good mother will not ask anything back for return. No matter how many she gave you her love, compassion, power and spirit; she will not ask anything back. Though you cannot return her love, she is always there ready to love you truly.

Mother gives you everything that she could give. When we were kids, she took care of us. When we were teenagers, she understood us. When we were adults, she paid attention to us. And when we are getting older, she still does not leave us. So children around the world, please understand your mother when you feel that she interferes too much, she is too talkative, she treats you like a child always, she made you ashamed of her or in many other cases which we could not understand.  There will come days when you miss her a lot, because there is no one will do such things as the same as mother did. Do appreciate what God have given to you… such a lovely mother who loves you much…

Happy Mother’s Day..12 May 2013.  I love you my Mom.


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2 responses to “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. ririndina

    May 14, 2013 at 5:22 am

    he he he..siip bu… Selamat hari ibu juga… 🙂

  2. astrianin

    May 15, 2013 at 8:04 am

    Waahh ada bu ririiinnn… hihihihihi… Ibu prodi arsitektur yang paling produktif nge-blog, hebuaaatt… selamat hari ibu Bu… (telat)–gak ah, ntar aja 22 desember bilang lagi. Hahahaha… Wadaw.. bu shirleyana udah posting lagiii… aku ketinggalaaannn…. 😥 😥


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