Escapade to Papuma Beach

07 Mar

At last during last week of the holidays for this semester, we-lecturers- have the chance to go for a summer escapade. It is not really a summer, should be a rainy season now, but it was good that during those 2 days we felt like in Summer, hot and dry. We decided to visit Papuma Beach, a beach facing the Indian Ocean, located in Jember, East Java. The trip from Surabaya took about 6 hours drive using car. We departed at 07.30 am and arrived at 14.00 at the beach.

Papuma beach offered white sand beach scenery, along with big waves from the Ocean. There are about 3 large rocks, thus help to reduce the height of the waves. It is even not allowed for people to go swimming in the beach, since it is too dangerous.

Our group preferred to play along the beach, with sand and the coming waves, and also taking photographs. We even brought 2 DSLR cameras and 4 pocket cameras with us…definitely eager to capture the natural beauty by the beach.

The lodging place is also cheap. We could get 2 rooms in 1 cottage, with a price of IDR 363,000. Fresh grilled fishes are offered on every eating place along the beach, which open for 24 hours, since the local people living in there.

We stayed only for one night, laughing, talking, walking, taking pictures, and eating all the times. Of course, we also did not forget our itinerary to go there: for a department meeting. We left from midday 12 o’clock, and reached Surabaya at 10 pm. Such an exhausting day, but I am sure that all of the lecturers who joined definitely get new liveliness. All of this beauty of the earth reminded me of how great our God is, who can create such amazing place. Perhaps this could be your alternative destination when you visit East Java and have the chance to see the beautiful Papuma Beach.

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2 responses to “Escapade to Papuma Beach

  1. agustinus

    March 9, 2013 at 9:42 pm

    bukan samudera hindia ya bu, klo pasifik jauh bu 😛

    • shirleyana

      March 11, 2013 at 8:45 am

      Hehe dasar emang saya peta buta, kemarin cuman denger2 org2 ngomong, trus langsung percaya aja..hehe jd malu nih.. thanks ya p agus koreksinya:p


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