Visiting Dortmund

09 Jan

Last December I had so much to do, thus I have to postpone my writing about this. Visiting Dortmund in 2012 brought so many old memories to my mind. Dortmund is still almost the same with the last time I lived there during 2007 and 2008. But, this time visiting Dortmund is a little bit different. I was roaming around in the city center alone, without my two best friends at SPRING: Sushi and Dinu.

I stayed in A&O youth hostel, which location is very near to the Hauptbahnhof (Central Station). The price is very cheap only around 17 Euros/night and they offer breakfast, internet, and bed linen at separate price. The first day I arrived, I directly put all my stuffs in the hostel and went to city center. I remembered those old days in Dortmund while passing through Kampstraße, Reinoldi Kirche, Westhellenweg, and many old shops where I used to visit: Kik, Aldi, Kaufhof, H&M, C&A, and others. All reminded me of my old days which I miss so much. The old days there seemed so much fun, going shopping, foto making, eating Dönner, and many things which I have done together with my best friends.

Too bad, this time I only have a short time to visit Dortmund, and only spent 2 nights there. I didn’t have chance to visit my university where I studied my Master’s Degree. I also didn’t manage to visit Hacheney and Rombergpark, the place where I lived and the Park where I used to go just for relaxing.

However, I am grateful that I still have this chance to visit Dortmund, Germany, and do many things there. I wish I meet my SPRING friends and able to roam around Europe with them again. I felt so lonely walking around in such big city like this. Well, let’s hope that this will not be the last chance to visit Dortmund. I love Dortmund, it has been a part of my life, and I wish to have chance to continuously come and visit there.

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