Saturday Excursion to Paderborn

28 Nov


During the winter school, the most exciting part would be the excursion. On that day, we did’nt have to stay in the seminar room the whole day. Our excursion was to Paderborn. The trip from Geseke to Paderborn took about 45 minutes by bus. There was a huge parking place for buses and other private vehicles.

We walked to the city center. The tour guide told us the story about Paderborn. The name of the city is derived from Pader River, where the city is located. There is a big Paderborn Cathedral (Paderborner Dom), and we entered inside. As always, the interior of Germany’s cathedral always seems amazing. I could never stopped expressed my admiration to those who have built the cathedral from inside and outside.

We enjoyed roaming around the city center, and it was me, Adek, Quang, and Maha which decided to go to Schloss Neuhaus. We thought at first that the castle is big, but after we arrived to the place, it was not so big as in the photos. However, I am happy to see its park, which reminded me of the parks inside Versailles Palace in Paris.

After taking some photos of beautiful castle, we went back to city center, of course for some late lunch and shopping. I went to Tedi 1 Euro Shop, which always offers cheap things, as I have learnt from my previous life in Germany.

We spent the whole day in Paderborn, and I enjoyed every detail of Paderborn… Wish I could always  feel this kind of fresh air to breath… seeing a scenery of autumn leaves… hearing the sound of cathedral bells ringing… and watching people passing by in the Füßgangerzone…When will that come again in my life…

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