The International Seminar in Jakarta

07 Nov

The first part was written while I was in Jakarta on the 1st of November in my hotel room:

I was happy that my paper is accepted to be presented in Jakarta. I planned to go with Ms. Astri, so that we could have adventurous experience again, as we had in Bandung. Everything has been set well, the tickets, itinerary, hotel accommodation, and money. Too bad, just few hours before our departure, she realized that her wallet which contained her ID card was missing. We both were confused what to do, but finally later on she decided to cancel her plan to go with me to Jakarta. I was sad, since this was supposed to be our second trip together, since we have planned this for so long.

I had to leave without her, and the sit next to me on the plane was empty, which means that she was supposed to sit right next to me on plane. Well, I have to continue with presentations and many things. So I focused on doing the best in my presentations.

I met many important people, from UN ESCAP, water sanitation management organizations, PSUD, etc. This gave me new experience, new insights, sharing my knowledge with others. I am glad that I have decided to join this seminar, since the topic is very related to my background.

The best part of this seminar is the Field trip. The organizing committee organized a field trip to Tapak Bumi Eco-villages in Banten. I am excited, and could not wait for tomorrow…

The second part now..

The field trip was amazing. We started the trip from Jakarta at 07.30 am in the morning with bus. The bus had to use highways and continue with the local main and secondary roads. The trip to Old Banten (Serang) took 2 hours long. It was good that there was no traffic in the highway. Otherwise, I am sure it will took longer than that.

After arriving in the Old Banten, we were welcomed with cultural dance and performance. Later the committee lent bikes to those who wanted to go cycling to go around Old Banten and also to reach the Eco-Village. Of course, I did not want to miss this opportunity, for going into a remote area, using bicycle. Where else and when can I have this kind of experience.

So I took a bike, and join others for cycling. We were observing the surrounding place, the neighborhood, people, activities, and sometimes taking some pictures 🙂

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Arriving at eco-villlage, we saw beautiful scenery of village, combined with nature. We have to walk for sometimes, in the middle of open field. We had our lunch there, inside a nice designed hut. As part of the eco-village concept, bamboo is used as main part for construction, for constructing bridges and building the huts or shelters in the village.

After lunch, we were invited to plant bamboo, as part of our participation to sustain the village. The bamboos have to be treated with special liquid so that they will last longer. The glucose inside bamboo has to be taken out. Thereafter, we had to return to the hotel. The return trip took 3 hours, one hour longer than the first trip, since there was traffic congestion as it was in the busy hour. Nevertheless, this perhaps would be once in a lifetime experience for me.

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