Arriving in Geseke

07 Nov

Finally I had to leave Indonesia, departing from Jakarta, going to Frankfurt. I used Emirates and the ticket has been bought by my university. The plane ticket price for round trip was 1084 Euro. So expensive right? I could not afford to buy it, If I have to pay the transport cost. I have the same flight with Adek, one of the Winter School participants, so we met at the airport and travel together to Germany.

Departing from Saturday 17.45 in Jakarta, we arrived on Sunday, 07.40 at the Frankfurt Flughafen (airport). Waiting for the baggage, then we printed out the Rail&Fly Bahn Tix as provided in the electronic ticket. The train going to Geseke Hbf took 2 times changes. First, we had to go from Frankfurt going to Köln. Then, we had to change train to Hamm Hbf using IC/ICE, and the last using eurobahn going to Geseke Hbf.

Frankfurt Flughafen Tunnel

Train Station under the airport Terminal 1

Stopping at Köln Hbf

Geseke is a very rural area in Germany. The Hauptbahnhof (or the train station) is not big, and since it was Sunday, the place was even quieter. We took a taxi, going to Schloss Eringerfeld, an old castle which has been transferred into hotel. The taxi took about 5 minutes, and costed 20 Euro.

The castle is nice, but I was afraid at the first time going to my room, since I have to pass a long hallway, and through many doors. The room is nice and has a bathroom inside. The temperature outside was 6 degrees Celcius, so perhaps the temperature inside Is more or less 10-15 degrees.

The winter school started on Monday, 05.11., and there were 20 participants, coming from: Ghana, Tansania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Peru, Sudan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Philippines, and also Indonesia. I met my supervisor before in Germany and so happy that he still remembers me. The schedule was tight, even thought there is a coffee break in between. Every day, we had to attend the school (seminar) from 9 am to 5.30 pm, and for some days until 6 pm. We also have group works, so this reminded me of my planning workshop group during my study in Germany. I will stay here until the 13.11, and continue to roam around until 16.11. Let see will I be able to write some more during my  stay in this Schloss.

Schloss Eringerfeld

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