Applying Visa to Deutschland

05 Nov

I never expected that I will get another chance to go to Germany or I might say as Deutschland. I was there 5 years ago, and never thought that I would return to the same place again. I applied for the summer school offered to the alumni of my former school, it was about the Green Economy. Since the topic is a bit relevant to regional planning, I thought that I should give it a try, and yes I made it. I received an email said that I was selected as one of the participants after the selection process. There were 17 persons selected among 95 applicants I guessed. At first, I thought that I didn’t pass the selection process, since I also received another email suggesting me to just join the webinar since so many applicants, thus they won’t be able to receive all of them.

However, since I also planned to go to Jakarta for an international seminar, my schedule became so tight, because I have to go directly to Germany after the seminar ended. Moreover, the visa application process in the mid of my busy days in the university was not easy to do. I had to go to Jakarta a week after I went Bandung. I completed all the necessary requirements for visa application. You will need these documents to apply a Schengen Visa :

1. A valid passport up to six months before your departure date;

2. Filled visa application form, which can be downloaded from german embassy for Indonesia website;

3. A formal invitation letter, mentioning your duration of visit, where to visit, and who is inviting. You can also use hotel booking or travel itinerary. In my case, I got an invitation letter from the university, and even they provided invitation letter for the extension of my stay.

4. Booked ticket, but I used paid ticket, given by my university which covered my accommodation and transport.

5. Travel insurance, covers the whole of your stays in Germany or other Schengen countries that you will visit.

6. 3.5×4.5 cm biometric photo. I made the photo myself, edited in photoshop.

7. The cost for application fee: 60 Euro or IDR 750.000. Bring the exact amount of money, and it is better in Rupiahs.

The German Embassy in Jakarta, is located near Bundaran HI. It is next to Mandarin Oriental Hotel, and has a long fence, thus you will directly recognized it when you see. To enter the embassy, you need to make an appointment online from the website and bring the printed email from the embassy. The appointment has to be booked in advance, since there are so many people want to apply for Schengen Visa. In my case, I applied in first week of October, and I got the appointment on the 16th of October. My flight is on th 3rd of November. At least put two weeks before your departure date, in case you need more time for adding some documents or giving time for them to send your passport.

I asked the embassy to send my passport with the visa to honorer consul. I didn’t have to pay the visa application fee, which is supposed to be 60 Euro. It was because DAAD covered the whole travel cost for me. So, I just have to pay delivery fee, which is only IDR 30,000 (USD 3,5)

I received my passport back again on 22 October. Thus, I was ready to book my flight to Jakarta for the international seminar, as well as connecting flight to Germany. Afterwards, I was busy making my presentations, preparing for the seminar and also for the Winter school.

Small sign board in front of the German Embassy

I will write in another chapter about the seminar in Jakarta.

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