18 Oct

Finally, after so long time I didn’t write in this page due to hectic activities at the university, freelance office, and church. I finally made the trip to Bandung with Ms. Astri. The trip was originally intended as a formal trip to attend the 1st International Planocosmo Conference. But of course, both of us didn’t want the chance to visit Bandung just as presenter for our paper.

The idea of going to Bandung started when we saw the announcement call for paper for the conference. The topic was very relevant to our work: Making the Planning Work: Bridging the Gaps between Planning and Its Implementation. In short, we applied, sent our paper, and it was accepted to be presented. Finally, we also got the permission from the Dean of Engineering Faculty, though it will be financed for one person only.

We arranged the cost so that it will fit for both of our expenses. We booked the train to Bandung for round trip, depart from Surabaya on Saturday, 06 October, at 16.30, with IDR 220,000 for each, and return from Bandung 09 October, at 17: 00), with IDR 185,000 for each person. The train took about 14 hours, we arrived in Bandung at about 07.30 am on Sunday morning. From the train station, we took public transport to Dago (IDR 2500/person) and we stopped at Dago, at the Car Free Day area. We ate our breakfast in front of Hok Im Tong Church, Dago. There were many of food vendors on the street, and they provide cheap and delicious food. I ate chicken porridge, since at that time I had a sore throat, and yes it is cheap. It cost only for IDR 6000. Ms Astri ate kupat tahu, a local food with tofu, steamed rice, and peanut sauce, same price with mine.

After eating our breakfast, we continued our walk to Car Free Day. There were lots of people on the street, doing various kinds of activities. Some were biking; some were just walking enjoying Sunday Morning. The others were having games, watching street attractions, live music, and roller-skating. There are also many people using this opportunity to sell food and drinks. I found one interesting snack: the spiral potatoes. It is sold for IDR 10,000 for 1 stick, contains about 40 cm long of spiral potato.

We continued to walk and ride into another public transport to reach our place for 2 nights stay. One of Ms. Astri’s friend found a cheap accommodation for us, with only IDR 100,000 per night for 2 persons. So it cost us only IDR 200,000 for 2 nights. The place is in Kanayakan, only about 15 minutes ride using public transport (If there is no traffic). Since we didn’t want to waste our time, after putting our stuffs in the room, we continued to our next itinerary, The Gasibu Square.

The Gasibu Square is located in front of the famous ‘Gedung Sate’. It is supposed to be a public open space, a square in front of the building. However, every Sunday, the place is suddenly changed into a market and even in some parts – a flea market. We need to ride a public transport with direction to Kelapa from Dago (IDR 1500/person). There we were looking around if there were some cheap stuff to buy. I bought a souvenir T-shirt for my sister for IDR 15,000 only.

From Gasibu, we continued our trip to Ciwalk (Cihampelas Walk). Cihampelas used to be a place for jeans stores and factory outlets. Till now, it is also a famous place for shopping. But the new place – Ciwalk offers a different pleasure environment. It is a concept – combination of shopping mall and outdoor park. There were lots of sequences, providing different vistas. The path walk bridge is also dynamically designed connecting all the buildings together. We ate Baso (meatball) in Ciwalk. Well, the price was not so cheap, but we decided to eat inside since we cannot find nice food nearby.

From Ciwalk we returned to our place of stay, using  2 rides, first the public transport going to BEC (Bandung Electronic Center) IDR 2000/person, and continued with another public transport to Dago (IDR 2000/person).

I still continued my journey to Church at Dago, since it was Sunday. The Sunday service at 17.00 was nice, and the church interior was also interesting. I sat alone in the line of lots of people which I don’t know. After the Sunday Service, I walked to buy food in front of ITB Campus. It was raining at that time and I forgot to bring umbrella :(. Moreover, during night it is very cold in Bandung.

The next day was Monday, 8 October, is a conference day for us. I was one of the presenters who are invited to the seminar. There were many important people, which I cannot memorize their names. My presentation schedule is on 15.00-15.45. I got only 10 minutes to present. Lucky me, I had the time good enough to how all the slides in my presentation file, while other presenters were running out of time.

At night, we have gala dinner at Hyatt Hotel. I asked Ms. Astri to join and got invitation card as well as participant name tag for her. The dinner was great. We enjoyed our food, as well as other entertainment, including the Chinese Calligraphy.

The second day, 9 October, we decided not to attend the seminar and explore more of Bandung. We used public transport with IDR 1500/person, and arrived at ITB (Bandung Institute of Technology). We asked the committee to send the certificate to us. We had our breakfast with yummy nasi uduk (IDR 8000) and continued to roaming around ITB. This campus building as symmetrical concept, nice combination of built environment, between the buildings and the outdoor landscape. We took some pictures in front of the fountain – indonesian pool.

From the campus, we walked and bought some food to bring home at Kartika Sari. One box of pisang bolen (the most famous dish) cost IDR 31,500. We walked and continued with public transport to Braga. Braga is a place for Bandung Urban Heritage. The colonial style of architecture, art deco, can be seen along the street. Too bad, the street was not so comfortable for people to walk. The traffic is high, and there were lots of vehicles. I would prefer if the street is remain closed, as a private inner city zone for pedestrians with café and shops along the street.

We continued with a long walk until we reach the main square of Bandung City. Here again, there are informal market filling the open space area. We continued to walk to Pasar Kembang, just adjacent with the square. After exploring the market, we finally only bought sunglasses (IDR 15,000).

We walked again to another public transport. People said we should walk until we reach the BIG tree. It was quite far and drained our energy. Since the place was far from Dago, we should pay IDR 3000/person. Actually, later Ms. Astri realized that we should have continued to Pasar Baru, rather than go back, bring our lots of stuffs and visit Pasar Baru before we go home.

Well, our journey ended after we visit Pasar Baru, near to the train station. We bought some gift for or friends at the university. We reached the train station about 16.15, enough time to wait, sit, and rest for our trip back home to Surabaya. That was quite a long walk venture, with campus exploration, and informal market touring, but we enjoyed them. Hopefully, our next trip will also as adventurous as this one.

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