Visiting the Capital City

07 Aug

Last Sunday, July 29th, I once again visited the Capital City-Jakarta. My friend-Erline and I did this bizarre adventure together. It started when we wanted to go around somewhere far away from home, but also wanted to do something useful for us. We booked the plane ticket for round trip a month in advance to get the cheapest price, and yes the price was cheap, much cheaper as compared if we took a business train. One return plane ticket costed only 572.000 rupiahs (USD 60).

Our flight was as early as 6 am in the morning. We left home around 4 am when the sky was still dark. Once we arrived at the Cengkareng Airport, we can take a DAMRI bus, went straight into the city center. The bus fare was 20.000 rupiahs (USD 2) for each person. Our first itinerary was Immanuel Church-Jakarta, the old church which has just been visited by Angela Merkel- German Bundes Kanzler. The church has serving the congregations for 173 years, meaning it has been existed since 1839. It is located right across the train station- Gambir. It offers sermon in Indonesian, English, and also Japanese.

The design is quite unique. The church has a black dome, and round shape in its interior. Unfortunately, the construction is not perfect anymore. It needs serious conservation effort if the congregation would like to see it still stands for another decades. There were many foreigners who visited this church.

Afterwards, we went to Mangga Dua, to find something to be sold hereinafter. We heard from some friends, that this place sells with cheap price, especially for resellers or wholesaler. It is good that Jakarta has a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system or busway. Hence, our trip became easier. The price for one trip is only 3.500 rupiahs (USD 0.4), unless someone stepped out from the bus station, there is no other fee necessary if we want to change our direction. We also took bajaj (the local pedicab) to get right into Mangga Dua Market, with only 5.000 rupiahs (USD 0.5). However, we found that the place was full of crowd, and the price is not good enough for wholesaler. Thus we decided to leave, and went to next destination.

Our next place to visit was Tanah Abang. We took local metromini and also Busway to reach the central again. The way to reach Tanah Abang was full of traffic. It was good that we did not have to drive our own vehicle. I supposed it is better to use public transport available in Jakarta if we want to go around. The Busway costed 3.500, and the local metromini costed 2.000 rupiahs (USD 0.2), much cheaper than using taxis. During fasting month, all of stores for wholesaler were full of people, buying things for celebrating Idul Fitri. Both of us were also looking for something to sell, tried to find nice women clothes, but most of the stores closed very soon around 3.30 pm.

Soon, around 5pm, we decided to get back to Gambir, because we had to arrive at the airport again by 6.30 pm. Our plane ticket was 7.50pm, thus we needed to leave though we still want to shops some more. We used the same local transport to get back to Gambir and then went directly to the airport. We did not have chance to walk around Monas (as we planned before if we have spare time). We arrived at the exact time to check-in, though at the end the plane left earlier than the written schedule. The passengers already got on board at around 7.15pm, just exactly the time we finished our dinner. Thank God for the wonderful and freaky adventure. We both arrived home safe and sound 🙂

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