My coins

16 Jul

My coin collection

Several days staying home because of my sickness.. I remembered I have coin collections, which I have abandoned.. Scattered in many different places. I made pictures of them, so that I could keep their memories with me.. a prevention if perhaps something bad happened to those coins.

I started to collect coins at early age, from my high school, when I found one rare coins of Indonesia, 1 rupiah coin. Then not for a long time, I found one full box of Chinese old coins, a heritage from my grandfather. This excitement, finding one to another made me keeping those coins as collection. Too bad, my father sold my collection, when I went to college, since one money collector was interested to mine.

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However, my ‘coins collecting’ habit started again when I traveled abroad. During my master’s degree I collected coins from my friends from many different countries. So far I have collected coins from: Singapore, Malaysia, Nepal, Srilanka, Botswana, Ethiopia, England, Philippines, Korean, Denmark, Hong Kong, Thailand, Columbia, Venezuela, America, European Union and of course Indonesia. I am still excited to collect many more from other countries like Japan, Australia, and many others.

The coins from European Union (EU) are interesting. Though EU countries have one currency-Euro, each country issued different figures according to the country’s symbol, tradition, or character. For example, Germany has the figures of German eagle, Brandenburg gate, etc. Italy has the figures of Roman Colosseum, a drawing by Leonardo da Vinci (the golden section), etc. Ireland has the figures of Celtic harps, a traditional symbol of Ireland. All coins of Netherland show picture of Queen Beatrix. Belgium also depicts King Albert II, while Austria has Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart on its coin.

These coins reminded me of friends who have given them to me. Watching them, I got amazed how every country had unique detail and character on its coin. They can have many different shapes, sizes, colors, and figures.

The new Indonesian coin (rp 1000) is looking great, compared to the light 500 rupiahs coin. At least, our country should be proud to have coins, because not every country in this world has coin as a trading tool. Laos, for example, right now only has bank notes and no coins in the Lao Kip circulation, due to the economic toll of the Soviet collapse in 1991.

Well, bank notes are also interesting, but to me coins will last out through times. Collecting coins also doesn’t take large amount of space to keep them. That is why I love coins 🙂


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3 responses to “My coins

  1. dio t'ama

    July 19, 2012 at 7:49 pm

    Wow, you’re a teacher now. I started collecting coins way back before but some of them are now lost because i couldn’t find one place to put them all together. I hope that I could find that booklet i once saw to hold my coin collection.

    • shirleyana

      July 19, 2012 at 8:05 pm

      Hehe. Yes Derf.. Actually I was not intended to publish my page this soon, I just have few posts. My suggestion for you, find a nice place for your coins, a nice wallet or something, and take pictures of them, so if you might lost them one day at least you’ll have memory of them 🙂

  2. dio t'ama

    July 21, 2012 at 10:21 pm

    That’s a nice idea, shirleyana, photographing my coin collection. This morning, I went to national bookstore and found the coin booklet i’ve been looking for. Now, I can store them in one place. Your EU coin collection is very nice. My collection is not sorted yet because I couldn’t understand some of the words engraved in them. It’s like, if it looks different, i will collect it. Maybe some tokens have been included there by mistake..hahaha.


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