Rules are made for whom?

03 Jul

Just want to share what happened today. A BIG lesson for me… I was all of a sudden selected to supervise exam for students in other lecture. By chance, I would be in the same exam room with Ms. Astri (other Architecture’s lecturer).  The exam took place at 13.00pm right after lunch time. There were 45 of them, and some were my students in Architecture. At about 13.30, one student had already finished and walk in rush to front. Ms Astri and I were surprised, but still we thought that it was fine, since we saw the answer sheet was full with hand writing (whether it is correct or not).

After some while, a student came veryyy late… in almost one hour late.. We were surprised and confused. Ms. Astri and I looked at each other, then I started to say: “You have to ask letter of permission to BAA.” I was confused, but I thought I could let the student walking in later, the same thing as I usually did to my own students. I would never have my heart to give much trouble to students. Especially those with the reasons I can tolerate. One of my students before helped someone in accidents, thus I thought I should let him in, with the letter of permission accompanying him. But today’s case is different. His reason for coming late was flat tire. Though I have thought in mind that I would let him in later, I still requested him to bring the letter.

Some minutes later, I got surprised because he came again not alone, but he brought the BAA officer. All of a sudden I realized, I made the wrong decision. Because this man: the officer guy, he is a strict person and will not take any tolerance apart from the rules. At this point I was reminded with a lesson.. How rules should be and should not be followed. Rules are made by humans, people in order that all things to be in the right place, for every procedure to walk in the right path. However, we should keep in mind that rules are made to facilitate and make everything simple. If they are no longer function as they should, I think we-humans-creator of rules should not hesitate to change them. My REGRET cannot turn back time…. This should be lessons for me and for others who will have the same place.

What I did, I could only advice him, to ask an exemption from his lecturer, so that he could do something else, another assignment to replace today’s exam. Hope that his lecturer would agree.. But I don’t know about his other friend, from the next class who has the same case… These students things are complicated.. What surprise me more is they were still smiling.. as if nothing bad had  happened.

Well to you students, my apologize for giving you trouble.. Next time if I had the same situation, I knew what to do 🙂

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